Selected work with proven growth

in funding raised by partners we’ve worked with
in investment done by our partners since working with us
React Development
Devmethink developed the D Tracker to replace manual time tracking, enhancing efficiency and automation, reducing inaccuracies and delays.

2 weeks

to develop a Figma prototype

4 weeks

of development to launch the Beta version
Design System
Frontend Development
Mettel's adoption of the MUI design system aims to enhance app user experience through standardized designs, boosting intuitiveness and consistency.


boost in user satisfaction


faster screen creation


apps launched with MUI design system in 2 years
Responsive Mobile & Web App
Redesigned Flare's app for web, tablet, and phone, updating multiple screens to improve usability and visual appeal for a solar company.

62 screens

polished screens for seamless interaction

3 weeks

weeks from beginning of project to delivery