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Flare is an innovative solar energy company that offers state-of-the-art solar solutions to residential and commercial customers. They stand out in the renewable energy sector with their cutting-edge solar technology and user-friendly service approach. Flare's dedication to empowering customers with solar energy aligns with their mission to promote sustainability and energy independence.

What distinguishes Flare is their user-centric approach to solar energy management. They deliver an immersive digital experience that allows users to monitor and optimize their solar energy usage with ease. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service is reflected in their intuitive solar management app.


Improve Solar Management Experience: The Flare design system was conceived to upgrade the solar management experience across all digital platforms. By unifying design elements, interaction models, and visual language, the system intends to streamline the process of managing solar energy systems, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.
Establish Visual Identity: The Flare design system sets out to craft a unique visual identity for the brand. By standardizing color schemes, typography, and imagery, the system fosters a consistent and recognizable presence across all user touchpoints, enhancing brand recognition and trust.
Optimize Development Efficiency: The design system targets efficiency enhancements in Flare’s product development cycle. With a centralized source of design components and best practices, the system promotes better alignment between teams, expedites the design process, and reduces the need for time-consuming design iterations.

Problem Statement

Flare's digital platforms faced challenges that impacted user experience and brand cohesion. The absence of a standardized design system led to inconsistent user interfaces, complicating solar energy management for users and impeding the development team’s productivity.


User and Market ResearchThe Flare design team initiated the project with extensive research. Insights from these activities informed the development of a design system that directly addresses user needs and stands out in the competitive solar market.

Design System Development

Visual Language Creation: The team formulated a visual language that resonates with Flare’s innovative spirit and ecological mission, ensuring that every design element reflects the brand's core values.
Component Library Assembly:  Utilizing design tools, the team developed a versatile library of UI components tailored for the solar energy sector. Detailed documentation and guidelines accompanied the components, ensuring consistency and ease of use for developers.


Enhanced User Engagement: The new design system facilitated a more interactive and enjoyable solar management experience, as reflected in user feedback and increased app usage.
Increased Development Velocity: Streamlined processes and reusable components led to faster product iterations and a significant reduction in development time.
Cost Efficiency: The project demonstrated a notable reduction in design and development expenses, highlighting the financial advantages of a well-implemented design system.


The Flare project showcases a commitment to user-centric design and operational efficiency, setting a benchmark in the solar industry for digital customer engagement. Flare’s partnership with the design team has created a seamless bridge between solar technology and users, promising ongoing innovation and enhanced customer experiences.
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